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Clinics Worldwide

William Sanders is now accepting invitations to do clinics world wide where many are charging much more. The rate to host a clinic is $150 per horse per lesson, minimum of four horses per day for two days and a maximum of six, with airfare, hotel, and food paid as well. Auditing fee is $30 per person, split 50-50 with Master Sanders and the host. Please email willsanders@earthlink.net to set up a clinic which will include a lecture. We believe we teach far more per lesson than most.

We Are Located in Grants Pass, Oregon

The academy is now in beautiful Grants Pass, Oregon. We will be building a new limited student base so if you would like to sponsor a clinic and or take lessons on our trained school masters please email willsanders@earthlink.net for more information today. We look forward to all of our new students and friends. I will continue to return to Southern California from time to to time for clinics and see all of the wonderful students and their horses who have ridden with me for years and wish to continue on in their training. Gaited horse riders are also welcome in our gaited horse program for lessons and clinics.


The Work That We Teach and Adhere to Will Make Your Horse Soar And Not Sour!

The academy's distance learning program that we started in 2009 is doing very well with students from the East coast to the West. Paso Finos to Warmbloods are all are improving. If you are tired of getting no where with your horse, tired of expensive contracts for multiple lessons demanded per month, tired of getting yelled at and coming off your horse in a sweat like you just dug a ditch, consider joining us here for a soft, relaxing, educational way of riding and training that will propel you and your horse to great new heights and vastly strengthen the bond between horse and rider. If you don’t have my book yet, now is the time to get one!  It has expanded to over 60 pages with many, many color pictures of the ground breaking work and things you won’t find in any other single book (that I am aware of). It is not just a story, but step-by-step pointers on HOW to do it.
Thank you. William and Lynda and the rest of our students, and friends.  

baroque dressage horseContact Us at the International Baroque and Academic Equestrian Academy

Please contact us to enroll in the Academy or to answer
any questions you may have.


William and Linda Sanders

Email: willsanders@earthlink.net

Phone: (541) 226-6979

Enrollment in the International Baroque and Academic Equestrian Academy

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International Academy of Baroque and Academic Equestrian Education

Enrollment is limited due to Master Instructor Sanders time.
To assure yourself of a slot in the academy please
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