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old masters

So what are the advantages to becoming a distance learning student of the Academy of Baroque and Academic Equitation? It has been said that the best moments a rider has with their horse occur in the privacy of their own arena. How often do you go for a lesson and your not relaxed, perhaps you are yelled at by an abusive teacher, you become stiff, your horse mimics you and all goes down hill from there?


As a distance learning student of the Academy of Baroque and Academic Equitation you will receive special lessons you can watch and listen to over and over. In your own arena with your horse on the day and hour YOU choose you can put these lessons into practice. You will be admitted to a student-only group on the internet where you can ask questions on that material and receive personal answers. You then have the option to make a video of you and your horse performing the material you have purchased and get an in-depth evaluation with suggestions directly from Master Instructor William Sanders. No travel, your own schedule, at your own pace and learning directly from the Master Instructor Sanders, not his helpers or other students of his. The material is progressive and one

must buy the material in order and test in order.

As you progress you will be able to earn rank in the Academy. You will start of as:

1. Apprentice. After passing the first test you progress to:
2. Student of the Baroque and Academic Equitation Principles. The next level will be:
3. Apprentice Instructor and finally you can earn the title of:
4. Instructor of the Baroque and Academic Principles of Equitation.


All students who enroll as an apprentice-student of the academy are required to send me at least one dvd of you riding your horse per month to stay a student. If you can not do this now and then due to weather or sickness etc., a written test can be substituted as you need it.

I ask all students to give themselves and me at least 12 months. This may be only 12 lessons after all but it takes some time for me to help you and your horse arrive at what you want. Because I have had a few people sign up and then not realize they need to let me see how they ride in order to provide helpful instruction, joining the school now requires you also pay for the first lesson in advance.

It is $100 for the book, the registration, and you are paid up for the first month lesson in advance. When you get your material, contact me and we will plan the lesson material for you.

So if you enroll in, lets say October, you need to have a lesson dvd of you riding in my hand by the end of November.  If you skip a month you owe it, as I said you can take a test but you must keep your lessons  up to date . I take training you and your horse seriously and want students who do as well. This is training you will use in the real world for the rest of your life.


Along the way we will offer distance competitions of various kinds that adhere to our philosophy, training and riding methods. If you wish to compete, you will be allowed to submit a video of you and your horse performing at your best, the required test. After the closing date all who sent in a video will be judged and awards will be given to first, second, and third places. The results will be placed on our web site. All you need to do to start is register, purchase Master Instructor William Sander's book Baroque and Academic Training Concepts and the first DVD on Jaw Flexions. Photos of students below.


student riders

The YouTube video haciendadelsol highlights a Paso Fino horse trained in the Baroque manner from a distance learning student of the Academy, Marie and Jaime Drizzen.


Baroque Academy Student Lesson (Click blue text to watch Lesson)

This Baroque Academy Student Lesson U-tube clip is a small portion of a recent lesson I gave. We bred this horse and sold him as a foal. Years later he had gone through a few hands and the current owner came to me in despair. He said the horse had been made vicious and if I could not train him and fix him he was going to the slaughter. For the first 20 minutes he tried to kill me.  Over time I gained his trust and started his training from the beginning as he had, along with his fear and anger an upside down neck and a hollow concave back. I trained him to the owner’s delight and he took him home.  Later, for financial reasons he came to me and needed to sell him. I advised one of my students to buy him sight unseen. She had never done such a thing but trusted me and did so. The horse has made a complete transformation. In this clip one can see the tipped pelvis from the counted walk, combined effect, transitions from counted walk to piaffe to the old soft passage. Counted walk to canter and the start of the training of the student to do changes from travers and renvers balance. Use of the outside hand, back and breath and more. The changes are not all clean but it’s the path of the rider and horse to learn to work in sync. We do not force the issue but just try again and in time all will be perfect. The horse and rider are not sweating and are riding with less and less effort and in self-carriage with true lightness in many portions of the film.



To pay for individual lessons click the button below.



I am now offering, in addition to the distance lesson plan, a telephone consultation for registered students. This is not in place of the required monthly lesson but is an addition. I am offering for those who want more than a written report on your problems, etc. The phone consultation is $50 for one half hour of explanations for you and to answer your questions we can in that time period.

If you wish to arrange a private consultation, use the paypal button below and purchase the time you want and then send me your phone number and best time to call you. If you are out of the USA you will need to call me and after you pay I wil supply you with the phone number. Thank you. Will.