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baroque_dressage_academyThe International Academy of Baroque and Academic Equestrian Education is putting forth the old riding methods PRE current competitive dressage styles. Our goal is to produce riders whose goals are to ride their horses and train others to ride, first and foremost with the utmost lightness, to have the horse carry the rider in balance and comfort for both horse and rider.


We are NOT interested in steam rolling and bone jarring trots in the name of forward that ruin our backs and create bulging arm muscles, bobbing heads and bothersome driving seats, and nagging heels which constantly try and beat the horse onward.


Our horses will learn jaw flexions and be able to self flex, thus using the bit as a tool for self relaxation. Our horses will carry us comfortably in sitting trot, collected canter and be soft and agreeable. We will not tie our horse’s mouth closed to disguise our bad hands and abusive pulling. We will not be afraid to use the Old Master’s tool of the curb and double bridle to position our horse and teach it NOT to pull.


We will instill a meditative air in the riding we do, for the well being of both souls. We realize we may ride an entire session to experience SOME of these things for a fleeting moment and in that moment we will be satisfied and praise our horse. In other words, our horses are not our slaves which MUST perform a certain move at X etc. IF the horse is not ready at that moment we will gladly go around again and try it once more. Winning so-called dressage tests as currently done is against what we want to do. OUR competitions will be to see if we can show MOMENTS of what we desire. It is only those MOMENTS that will be rewarded and count towards any competition awards at the school.

The video clip is of Mestre Luis Valenca, one of the premiere riding masters in the world, and my last teacher, explaining his philosophy of baroque equitation and the teachings of the old masters. The International Academy of Baroque and Academic Equestrian Education follows these teachings.


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