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The International Academy of Baroque and Academic Equestrian Education will at times offer special competitions open to all current registered apprentices and above. Master Sanders will pick a topic. Everyone will submit their entry fee, film their best efforts with their horse in the contest topics (like work in hand, etc.) and submit your video in the required time period to Master Sanders who will evaluate and judge each participant. The first three places awarded will be shown on the forum. Awards will be given out respectively. High point special awards will be given out at the end of each year for the categories shown in. In this way, you are at home with no pressure doing your best. If you don’t like it, film it over. If your horse is not up to the usual good performance, wait for the next day. You get to submit the very best you and your horse can do, what can be better? You will not only have fun, be relaxed, but each participant will get pointers on what was great and what to do better next time. You will be rewarded for CORRECT work and ALL horses will be on even ground, whether you are competing with a Shetland pony or a Lusitano. No school has ever been set up this way and you can be among the school’s first pioneers who will graduate and go on to teach for the sake of the horse as well. Remember, no travel, no gas expense, no abusive yelling at you or your horse, you set the time per week etc. you wish to ride and film and you can do a do-over any time you don’t like what was filmed.



Master Sanders will be available to do seminars. We offer a work-in-hand seminar as well as a riding seminar where Master Sanders will instruct the riders on their horses. The rate to host a seminar is $150 per horse per lesson, minimum 6 horses with airfare, hotel, and food paid as well. Auditing fee is $30 split 50-50 with Master Sanders and the host.


Please contact us to enroll in the International Academy of Baroque and Academic Equestrian Education or to answer any questions about the Academy.